Name:  4-Chloromethcathinone

Other Names: Clephedrone

Formula:  C10H12ClNO

CAS number: 1225843-86-6

Molar mass:  197.66 g/mol g·mol−1

PubChem: 82100418

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There are some interesting facts about 4-CMC. We will describe all of them on this content. The full form of 4-CMC is chloro-methcathinone. 4-Chloromethcathinone is known as a stimulant drug which belongs to the class of cathinone. It is usually sold online as a designer drug.

Now let us show you the facts about 4-CMC crystal or 4-CMC crystal online.

Product description

4-CMC crystal is a designer drug, and as we know, the designer drug is a structural analogue of a controlled substance. It is a mimic version or a real thing.

The chemical name of CMC is 1 (4-chlorophenyl) 2-methylamine) propane-1-one. There is no therapeutic or industrial use of 4-CMC. 4-CMC is a stimulant drug, which is usually sold in online. It belongs to the class cathinone and also a controlled substance. 4-CMC is traditionally known as a psychostimulant drug.

It is a research chemical that is used not only in research but also by scientists in the laboratory and is used solely for scientific work. It usually used to create new formulas. This rechargeable chemical or experimental is commonly known as a stimulant and is equivalent.

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Final thought:

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