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The common name for 4 CPRC Crystal is known to be as 4-chloro-α-Pyrrolidinopropiophenone. Upon taking this drug, one can easily feel extreme euphoria.


One may easily experience many pleasant emotions at one time after taking this drug. The impact of this drug stays for a longer period. An extreme euphoria and happiness can be felt.
Some negative effects of 4 CPRC Crystal are nausea and hallucinations.


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Buy crystal 4-CPrC is an investigational chemistry with the CAS 8272321-02-2 number. The chemical formula for the 4-CRPC-crystals is 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-pyrrolidin-1-yl-pentan-1-one. This substance has the same chemical name as C15H20ClND for IUPAC. The weight is 265.12. Crystals 4-CRPC is an investigating organic recently found. As a result, no information other than the above is available until further investigation of the properties of the chemical takes place.

4-CPRC is a research chemical which, in some cases, has different similarities with methcathinone and occurs as white or white crystals. This is also known as 4-CRrC, a halogen substitute for alpha-payphone, a medicine classified as stimulant, and it is a 4-CRrC, or 4-Chloro-alpha-PPP.

The composition of alpha-PPP is similar to diethylpropion, a suppression of appetite and tests have demonstrated similar effects when given to animals. However there is still little understanding of the drug and trials are in progress.

However, the stimulant produced by 4-CPRC was found to be an ingredient in ecstasy. As a drug analog it is more effective since it is more addictive and the same conduct was shown by related analogues such as MDPV and pyrovalerone. These replacements were also widely used for pleasure purposes.


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